Jul 6

Republican Tax Plan Would Add $191 Billion to the Debt – or Is It $2.4 Trillion?

House GOP leaders wasted little time capitalizing on a new study by the conservative-leaning Tax Foundation concluding that – under the best of circumstances – the trillions of dollars in tax cuts sought by Republicans would hardly put a dent in the

Jul 5

Columbiana County commissioners approve minor changes to public assistance programs

Columbiana County commissioners approve minor changes to public assistance programs. June 27, 2016. By TOM GIAMBRONI (tgiambroni@reviewonline.

Jul 5

Yedlin: Low-carbon fuel growth leaves coal the big loser

… but allows us to step back and think about the big trends in the world of energy and what does this data tell us about what path we are on and where we are going, said Mark Finley, BP's general manager of global energy markets and U.S. economics.

Jul 4

Quality Credit Repair Helps Individuals Escape the Confines Associated with Bad Credit and Debt

Individuals are encouraged to contact Quality Credit Repair today to escape the confines associated with bad credit and debt so that they can regain their financial freedom.

Jul 2

Auto Insurance Is Costlier at Lower Incomes, Study Says

Being on the lower end of the wage scale can mean paying much more for car insurance, even for good drivers. Factors like renting rather than owning a home, holding just a high school diploma and working an hourly wage job can mean substantially higher …

Jul 2

Three year investigation leads to charges in brazen robbery in Fort St. John

Fort St. John RCMP credit tips from the public and dogged work by officers for the three arrests. Mitchell Jeff, Rodger Davis and Tammy Trotter face a lengthy list of charges.

Jul 1

Hamilton Insurance continues to grow

One of the best ways Hamilton Insurance has built relationships with Richland County, Crawford County, Ashland County and Morrow County is by being involved with organizations throughout those areas.